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Is Content King?

ie_iconWell not necessarily. Merely content is maybe on the level of “minister without portfolio.”

GOOD content however is at least a member of the ruling politburo. But what about “Design is Duke” or “Video is, errr, Viscount”? Here is the reality, if you are relying on just one part of your messaging to get the job done, it won’t. Houses built on sand and all that… A friend recently went to a mentoring session where she was advised to “just get blogging” – she was told that what she said was not so important, just to be saying something.

Really? What unadulterated balderdash. Think of it in terms of having an actual conversation with a person you just met. If they just prattled on relentlessly about inanities and you had the option of pressing a “go away and don’t come back” button: you wouldn’t press it? If someone showed up for an interview unwashed, disheveled and with a hangover would you even have the conversation? What you say, what you wrap it in and how it is delivered are all important. And the good news is, if you do your work, you can have it all.

To get there ask yourself some simple questions and devote a serious amount of time to the answers: 1. Who are we? (“We” being your organization, product or concept.) 2. Who are we trying to reach? 3. What is the “resonant format” for reaching them? i.e., What is the language and delivery method best suited to them? And then, ummm, “just do it”. All.

Simon Dixon, Idea Engineering, CEO