Super Bowl Musings

Well once again, it felt to me that everyone was trying too hard to win a poll instead of making a great commercial for their clients. Overall, my sense was that with essentially unlimited budgets it was pretty sad that this was the best people could come up with.

Biggest winner: Budweiser's "Puppy Love"

Biggest winner: Budweiser’s “Puppy Love”

Biggest winner: I’d say Budweiser. Say what you like about the unapologetic cheesiness of their ads, they know their customers.

Biggest loser: I’m inclined to say Maserati. Beautiful footage, but the message was lost (and was silly anyway). Frighteningly, it reminded me of the launch of Infiniti cars.

Here are a few observations after a couple days of mulling.

Doberhuahua“: that Audi should stoop to this unadulterated pablum is pretty sad.

T-Mobile: if they can just get people to believe they’ll actually get a signal, I think their “no contract” approach could become a major force. I preferred the simple ad more than the Tebow one – it stood out from the over-produced everything that was the rest of the day.

For Coke and Cheerios, it bothers me that they purposely push political buttons just for the hype. But they sure do get people talking.

Chrysler 200/Bob Dylan: I have loved this series of spots. I love the imagery and the emotion (note to Coke and Cheerios, Chrysler celebrates the cultural diaspora of the U.S. without hijacking people’s struggles for commercial benefit). Sadly, Chrysler drops the ball on the 1-yard line… “American import”?! So after spending 2 minutes extolling the virtues of America we are nonetheless told that “import” is the gold standard? Way to put Toyota back in your ad.

Sadly, no super-ad like the Google “Parisian Love” commercial of a few years back. Oh well, could be worse – at least I was rooting for Seattle. :)

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