Take a look in the mirror.

ie_iconA little while ago I mentioned the Dove “Beauty” ads in comparison to the Coke “Obesity” campaign. And I said that Dove, unlike Coke, had really got it right. That they seemed to actually care about women’s perceptions of themselves. They did not come off as hypocritical or just looking to burnish their credibility or sales. Well now some new Dove ads have been released and I just want to put out a link to them. Not because they are good (although they are) but because the message is important and I think we should be spreading it. It is too easy for us to believe that we are less than we are. Too easy for us to discount and overlook our beauty and value. And over time these devaluations mount up on us. Please take time to watch these ads. And take a new look at yourself. See your beauty. And maybe tell a loved one (or just an acquaintance) about theirs, too.

Simon Dixon, Idea Engineering, CEO

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