Lip up fatty

ie_iconWell with all due regards to Buster Bloodvessel and Bad Manners for the above referenced song, I don’t think the conversation about obesity is being won or well engaged by Coke with their new campaign on such. I think they got ill-advised.

If you are the problem then entering the conversation to ameliorate the problem almost always seems hypocritical. If Marlboro said they were going to make smaller cigarettes so you would get less cancer; if Colt said their guns would henceforth be using smaller bullets to make them safer: would you react positively? It would just sound like they were trying to buy you off with some platitudes. Smaller cans? We sell water too? Less junky options at schools?

The truth is in what they chose to run for their $4m slot in the Superbowl. That was for the big gun: Coke. And you know what? That’s fine! I don’t think people think badly of Coke as a company. They are a beloved brand. Why are they muddying it with apologies? No-one with concerns about obesity in America will be mollified by this. And people who enjoy Coke are having their buzz killed. I am wondering how Coke will follow this up: free Clearasil for teenagers perhaps?

The right conversation done correctly was well-demonstrated by the folks at Dove. They came out looking fresh and clean.

Simon Dixon, Idea Engineering, CEO

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